Stoney Creek Volunteer Fire Department


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The Stoney Creek Volunteer Fire Department was founded by Estel Hyder and Uncle Tom Peters after a fire destroyed the Stoney Creek Baptist Church in 1970, the night before Thanksgiving. This prompted their idea to build a fire department. They donated the land to build the first fire department on Stoney Creek. 

In 1970 the first fire department was established and Clifford Peters became the first Chief and Mike Wilson as the president. The department drove to Murfreesboro TN. and purchased a 1953 Ford which would become the first fire truck.

The SCVFD received their first call when the residents of Minnie LaPorte was struck by lightning. To this day the SCVFD is still in operation and still providing fire protection. The department has added Medical first Response to better serve the community. The department has added a second station in the Hunter Community, to better provide that portion of the community with a quicker response time. The station was built in 1982 on land donated by Fred Proffitt. 

The Department experienced it's first ever leadership change since the resignation of Chief Clifford Peters in 2001, Jason Shaw was unanimously voted to fill the shoes of Chief Peters by the body of the department and by the Board of Trustees. Chief Shaw has committed himself to the Department much like Chief Peters did. The department will continue to function for the community. The departments real reason for still being in operation is through the continued support of the local churches and the community. 

Chief Shaw and the entire Department has vowed to be there for people anytime called upon or any type of emergency situation.