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Article 1

Address Signs

Have you ever stopped and thought about how the address to your property is displayed? Often we don't think about things like this, because our mail carrier knows where we live, and so do our friends, so what do we need to worry about? Think about this...what if emergency services personnel can't find you? Every second counts in an emergency, and the easier it is for us to find you, the better we can serve you. As a general rule of thumb, your address should be displayed at the entrance to your property, in at least 2 inch reflective numbering and in plain view for emergency services personnel to see easily from the roadway. The Stoney Creek Volunteer Fire Department is selling reflective address signs to make finding your residence easier for emergency services personnel. Please consider the purchase of one of these signs to help us find you more quickly in case of an emergency. Signs can be made horizontally or vertically. They are $15.00 each, and can be ordered by calling SCVFD at (423)474-2001 or (423) 474-6444 and leaving a message with your name, address, and if you'd like your sign created horizontally or vertically. Or visit our contact page  This is not a way for us to make a lot of money but to help provide you with better emergency services. Below are pictures of what the signs look like.
Reflective sign at night Reflective Sign At Night
Reflective sign during the day Reflective Sign in Daylight

Article 2

First Fire Truck

We recently had our first fire engine donated back to us. The truck was sold in 1980 to a gentleman (unknown) who sold it to Roy Taylor  which lived in the Stoney Creek area. He purchased the truck to haul water to his tobacco fields. Mr. Taylor recently passed away and he had told his wife Brenda Taylor that one day he would like to give it back to us for a parade truck.

 After his death his wife donated the truck to us, in honor of him. We hope to restore the truck to as close to original condition as possible. We would like to ask for donations to help us restore the truck . The truck is a 1953 Ford, original motor and body parts with no pump or tank. If you would like to donate to this project or help us in locating parts please contact us. All donations please specify: Truck Restore. See our contact page for our info. Thank you, and a very special thank you to Brenda Taylor  and in memory of Roy Taylor.

Article 3

We acquired some new gear. Photo Link