Stoney Creek Volunteer Fire Department


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Station 1


This is a picture of SCVFD station 1, This was the first station ever built. It was built in 1970. This station was named after the long time Chief Clifford Peters.

This Building has a kitchen and dayroom, office, bathroom, and storage closet. It has 4 bays which houses an Engine, a Tanker, a Brush Truck, and a Support Truck.

  This Station is located at 1824 Hwy 91 Elizabethton, TN 37643 in the Carter Community.

The building was recently remodeled due to the widening of Hwy 91. All 3 bay doors were on the front of the building, 2 of them were moved to the side due to a safety hazard of the road being too close to the building to pull out the large trucks. The building is heated by a wood stove, and cooled by nature.


Station 2


This is a picture  of SCVFD station 2. This was the second station to be built. It was built in 1982, this station is named after Lawrence Stevens who was a long time Assistant Chief.

This station has a kitchen, dayroom, bathroom, and 4 bays which house an Engine, a Tanker, a Reserve Engine, and a Pumper Tanker. This station is located at intersection of Willow Springs Rd. & Blue Springs Rd. in the Hunter Community

This building was added onto in 2000. The 4th bay was added to make room for the reserve pumper. This building is heated by a wood stove and cooled by nature and sometimes by window air conditioner if it's working.